We offer a unique life size handmade statue of the Sci-Fi monster, Predator. This is a creature from the widely known “Predator” franchise with four movies being made so far starting in 1987 and a fifth movie coming out in 2018. It shows that over a few decades this monster is still very popular amongst millions of people.

This statue is one of a kind. It has never been made or imagined the way we have created it. The movie depiction of the creature was limited because it was a man wearing a suit, so we were free to depict the Predator as he is meant to be, an other-worldly monster.

There are other statues of this creature out there but they are welded into a single piece with metal, or made from a single mold with clay and silicon etc. This Predator was all handmade, all his armour, gear, weapons, cosmetic and decorations were made separately by hand. For example, on the left shoulder he has the ‘shoulder cannon’ which is not carved from one piece, but is made from over different and unique parts, the cannon can move around, turn and folds back on his back like in the movies. His spear is 2.5m long, and is made mostly from steel and aluminium. The right hand was made in such a way that the spear can be placed in the hand. The left arm is equipped with the computer (as seen in the movies), fully functional with buttons and lights that are powered by a rechargeable 12V battery. Also like in the movies the Predator blood glows a fluorescent green, so for effect fluorescent green paint was used that glows in the dark.

We see this Statue in a unique estate as part of a home, office or foyer decoration, or can be part of the Movie-World establishment, or a part of a collection of sculptures and movie memorabilia.

This Predator Statue has a metal skeleton and is made out of different types of cement, plaster and clay.

Total weight is roughly 350 kg. The top and final layer is covered with hard, durable and water resistant paint.

The statue stands 2.4m tall and is 96cm wide at the shoulders.


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