About the Frames

Our classical frames are done in the old school process. Taking inspiration from the Baroque and Renaissance times and styles we design and create our frames by hand, not machines. Due to this every frame profile is unique because each frame is made individually with its own imperfections, which give the frame a special charm and character. This does not take away from the quality of the product, rather it gives an older look to the frame which adds a classic aesthetic appeal.

The frames are made of a wooden base with a top layer of highly durable plaster which is moulded and carved by hand to the desired shape. Then the frame is painted with a colour we have available.

With the convenient option to upload a photo of your picture and see how it will look in our frames means you can shop from the comfort of your home. You can buy art for your home, office, make it a gift to someone or frame your favourite picture from our variety of frames.

Ordering a Frame

Please be very careful when measuring the artwork you want framed. Your measurements will be the basis of the work and they need to be accurate. Any frame that is ordered will be slightly bigger (a few millimetres on each side) otherwise it will not fit around the artwork, but that’s not for you to worry about, just give us the accurate length and width of the artwork and we will do the rest.

In the event that the measurements are wrong, we can only fix it if the initial measurements are larger. Just get in touch with us before the frame has been completed and shipped, we slice off the excess and continue with the corrected measurements. But if the initial size is smaller than the correct measurements then we must start working on a new frame and an additional payment will be required.

Quality Standards

Each frame is unique in its own way and is made by hand. Here we want to show you what is an imperfection that varies from frame to frame, and what is actual damage.

Natural Blemish

Damaged Frames

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